During the school year, we have a new pet in our classroom. His name is Waffle and he is a very small hamster, who loves to play and have fun with us.

Having it in the classroom, teaches us to develop a sense of responsibility and empathy for animals, in addition to establishing a bond of friendship and approach to nature.

We are also going to learn about the characteristics of the life and growth of this living being, such as the food it can eat. We could provide our hamster with these foods in a complementary way, since it is an omnivorous animal and therefore, it can feed on a wide variety of seeds, fruits and vegetables, although its diet must also include a proportion of animal protein.

It is very important to take care of Waffle, cleaning and feeding it and that is why in the Science sessions we change his cage.

Clean up! Clean up! It’s time to clean up!

Clean up! Clean up! It’s all cleaned up!